About RSMS2

ON Line

Road Surface Management System ver 2.0

designed & authored by
TC2-FLOS of Maine

RSMS2 Description

An unauthorized upgrade(?) of the Maine DOT distributed Road surface Management System (RSMS). It is designed as a web application using desktop, laptop or smartphone browsers. The central data repository is kept in a formal database which is locally cached at the browser. As the web pages themselves are also cached locally, offline use is possible.

This implementation has been enhanced to provide for inventory and status of road culverts, both driveway and cross-road. This is considered by the author to be information related to drainage. Currently the surface analysis functions do not make any use of this information.

This application REQUIRES Javascript; it will not work without Javascript being enabled. The GPS location function and Off-Line opperation require browers with that HTML5 support.

Users are strongly encouraged to use the latest desktop versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. All of these work well as do most mobile phone and tablet browsers based upon Webkit. This application currently does NOT work well with MicroSoft Internet Explorer earlier than ver 9.0.

Elements in local storage:
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